May 9, 2011

Hale Groves Gives 10% Off Coupon Code

Hale Indian River Groves is located in Indian River County near Vero Beach and Wabasso, the very heart of the famous Indian River Citrus Belt -- a relatively small but premier citrus producing area in Florida. Hale Groves is fortunate to have a special combination of rich soil, ample water supply, and moderate climate - very rarely reaching a freezing temperature. All this, combined with our modern grove management, are contributing factors that make our oranges and grapefruit the juiciest and best tasting you will find.

Your Gift Includes...

Valencia Oranges - the delicious gift of healthy "sunshine" that's also perfect for you to enjoy yourself.

One of the secrets to growing a naturally sweet vitamin-rich Valencia Orange is that it requires more time on the tree to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and natural sugars than any other citrus fruit variety. Perfect for hand eating, sectioning, juicing or even freezing. This is why our citrus fruit can be enjoyed year round.

Valencia Oranges are available March through June.

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